anybody consider move to some towns?

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Subject: anybody consider move to some towns?
  I wanna share my expreience with you guys.
I first came to Canada on 2001. I was a student at University of Regina, Regina, SK, which is quite friendly city, but too cold for me, my major is Tourism, I don´t really think Saskachewan is a good choice, but I think Regian gave me good experience on learnning English and Canadian culture.

I just graduated from Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, B.C last year. I finished Bachelor of Tourism Management major in Recreation last term.

Before I graduated, I found a job in a local tourism visitor office. Because I have already worked Co-op and internship over there, have already bulit connection.

I really enjoy living in our Vancouver Island.
By the way, I know lots of Chinese dislike such small town,I think I am a weird person. I like making friends with our local residents. We Nanaimo residents don´t even need lock doors on our car when we go to buy grocery.

Base on my experience, our little town, Nanaimo, really needs a lot of labour job.(So called labour job, has far much wage than big city like Vancouver, never heard people have wage lower than 8 dollars)

We got affordable housing price (basement bachelor, ocean view, 300dollars/month with utility) and friendly residents.(I know all people´s first name who live in my street)
Vancouver Island is the first destination of retired residents in North-American.(population hiked from 50,000 on 02 to 70,000 this year, property values hiked 55% in three years) We need so many service business here.

However, why all immigrants wanna live in big city like Vancouver, Toronto? Why they don´t try to move to some small town, even like Regina? People always mentioned it´s too hard to find a certain job in certain city, why don´t they do some research for the job market of Canada.

I know I am too young to say so, I am not even 24, I am not even a PR, that´s why I can move to whatever I wanna, as long as there is an opportunities.
But really, I personally think new PRs should try to live to some small town, not only good for them, for their language education, aslo good for future Canadian immigrantion.

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You said that town has retired ppl! Trained ppl can´t settle in small towns unless there is work! Retired ppl are trying to move away from cities so these small towns fit them! I would like to thank you though for sharing that info, I just might go there before I decide what I really want to do in Canada. Hell if is so cheap there, I could live there for the long haul, unless I am bored enough to look for work. Good info... I am looking to the west of Canada where I could just hang my hat and relax for sometime till I want to work again...
american refuse
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dear american refuse

Sometimes your remarks are very sarcastic and uncalled for.

you have a very poor view of what a small town of retiring baby boomers might want and need. Last time I checked, they still buy things for their house,they still buy food, clothes, entertainment, they fix their car, they do recreational activities. Goodness! you are so quick to blow this off. If you and other immigration applicants only think of big city prefabricated jobs as acceptable opportunities you are missing 60% of the job market.

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Sharon: you are right, I think people live in Nanaimo has less pressure than people live in Vancouver. Same as immigrants, there are free ESL classes here too, there is university here, there are big boxes too. It´s not like the place I was from, if we mention small town, which means less facility. Actually Nanaimo has the best hiking and biking trail in B.C. Simple step register businesses too.

Especially these years, when I got my car repair at Canadian tire, I chated with some people also waiting over there, they moved their entired family from Vancouver to here and they just enjoy Nanaimo so much. And I paid attenation to those staffs in the auto shops, they are about 50 years old too, baby boom generation. Why skilled immigrants can not come to here. And Nanaimo is not a typical example, here is getting bigger and bigger.

I am a Chinese, I suppose love Honcouver, like Richmond those places. Well, since I live in Nanaimo for several years, I can not even drive in Richmond, it´s just culture shock, funny right? The truth is, lots of chinese immigrants can not leave Dim Sum, Chinese language media, They have really hard time in Vancoucver! From my own experience in Nanaimo, just love here so much, friendly people, cute chicks with pure eyes.

Another example, I have a friend, Korean girl, graduated from same school as me, but major in Nursing, after internship in my city gerneral hospital.(I told you guys before, if you need find a job, it´s not just cold call, you need go to school, trained in their way)
, graduated and has job opportunities in Queen Charlotte city general hospital.
Get 20 bucks/hour, free accomedation. She is not even PR yet, she is doing PNP right now, no more than 6 month, get approve.

Don´t just pay your vision into big city, if you have strong English skills(suppose to have,otherwise how can you apply PR), just go to small town,really more opportunities.

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Average Nanaimo house is around 200,000, ocean view average 400,000! Property value hiked 55%, average hiking price is about 50,000. As I mentioned before, it´s not small town anymore, if you check out Qualicum Beach areas and Comx valley, Courntney, Campell Rivers, They are all similiar, got so many retire baby boom generation, hiking property values.

How do you guys think the property value here?Baby boom generation also needs service, their ability of afford may not be lower than you guys here. That´s the opportunies for young people like me.

There are not too many immigrants here, which means good enviroment to improve you and your kids English.

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I have a friend who works with the Nanaimo Business Assoc. I should suggest he put you on the advertising and promotion payroll. Nanaimo is a great place, and you are right... new Canadians get better help in school, more chances to find work - less competition!
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Sharon, I guess you live in Vancouver, based on what your words in this forum.

It´s great chance to know you guys, I just found this place for no more than 36 hours, so interesting debate

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Personally I am not so keen on Victoria or Nanaimo.I do like Tofino though. I used to live in Jasper between 92-93 winter time, and I will always have a soft spot for that little town. In 1995 I moved to Vancouver and attended a college there. I love Vancouver... you have a big city, but still amazing nature close enough...mountains, canyons, Lighthouse Park....Lynn Canyon, and Wreck beach....I have most of my friends living there, so it will be my first destination.I left my stuff there too. Also I need to make some money, and those opportunities are there. Later I might be able to migrate to Rockies ....after I get my foot between the door.
I think people tend to choose a similar place that they are from...if you are a city girl....or a cowboy....

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it seems that from an immigration perspective there is Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec.(never a mention of Montreal). Probably because those are the cities that immigration friends talk about. Those are the cities that have the highest concentration of immigration services. But it is also the location of the most competition for transitional jobs (the first job in Canada for an immigrant) and the hardest place to feel like you have found a home.

If you are looking to get settled into Canadian life quickly, find friends for your children at school and fit into a community that is willing to help you adjust... a smaller city is a much better choice. I am not talking Spuzum, BC population 200... I am talking Kelowna, Nanaimo, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Winnipeg, Halifax... hundreds of cities that would make wonderful homes.

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Yep, we are talking about new immigrants just came to Canada, they should not go to a place has so much competition, their English skills and the knowledge towards Canada still didn´t bulid up yet
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in the Vancouver Sun newspaper today there was a big editorial article about how immigrants never look past Vancouver and Toronto as a place to live and work. Obviously, our topic is not unique to us.

Smaller towns across the country are shrinking in size because everyone thinks life is only worth living in big cities. Sad mistake.

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I am a fag and for me the action is in the big cities. I lived in Victoria...what an awful place full of senior citizens and red-neck teenagers. The city is beautiful tough.
If you´re gay the hub is Montreal or Toronto.