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I wanted to know if anybody has recently used the services of Colin R Singer.Is he good? what is his reputation? I wanted to find out about his fast track program. HAs anybody used this program that he offers and how has been the experience, especially the employment piece? Any advise will be highly appreciated

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did you get any feedback? I also want to file through Colin R Singer and wanted to know about this firm.
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When somebody responds it is posted at the bottom of their posting.

Colin R. Singer staff should know that!


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My experience with this firm was very disappointing and it resulting in my decision to cancel my application and count my losses while ahead.

1. The only time you get a proper email from this company is when they are requesting fees.
2. When you try to call the lawyer(s) that is/are assigned to you, are always on vacation,not in office, or can´t take the call.
3. All responses to your questions are generic and late.
4. The lawyer assigned to me was so impersonal and rude....she lacked any kind of customer service skill whatsoever.
5. If you can´t get to your lawyer via email, do not waste your time requesting a telephone interview or in my case begging for was always a futile effort.
6.They tag you real response. This was the most disappointing of it all. I went in to them hoping to get some ´real´ help, I paid a lot of fees, did everything they asked and continued to get nowhere.

I initially decided to go with this company because one of my friends was successful. I went with this. I did not take the time to do research on this company, little important things like read reviews from other clients. It would have saved me time, money and tears...

I hope this post helps anyone considering to do business with this company. Please read reviews and do your homework before signing any contract with this company or any company as a matter of fact.

Good luck

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It shows a lot of e-mail exchanges before payment after no return of their share or other information

there are other customer of this company?

thank you for sharing with us your experience

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