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Subject: Eligibility for FSW
  I completed undergraduate degree in Business with a major in IT in 2004. After that, I worked for 2 years in a retail business in Accounts. Last 2 years I am in IT field. My job title from 1st job matches 0111 FINANCIAL MANAGER. But how should I know in advance that my undergrad degree and the job experience will get me through? I have my pay slips and will get my employment letter. Thats all I have to prove to CIC. Some of tasks i did in my job in description match with NOC 0111 and some do not, how does this come out? What If they require a profesional qualification like CA, CFA etc or additional work exp in finance. My other credentials ( language,age,education) to some extent are ok. But I am not 100% confident abt work exp. Any advise please? Thanks in advance
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