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Subject: Diversify Career Options in Canada
  I am in IT field with 8 years of experience. I am expecting my PR by Mid´09. Looking to recession in jobs market and giving an edge to my career that would help me in settlement in canada, I was thinking to do some course that could help in earning some money in canada. My thought is if I could do PARALEGAL training or any other course that would help me in doing the second job or part time service provider in canada.

In case I get some spare time and do efforts to use PARALEGAL knowledge to earn some money..

Please give me some guide as which course I should do before moving to canada which could help in earning money.

How to get knowledge to start a business in Toronto,Canada..please advise some websites where I can get knowledge about startign a business, legal issues in starting business (I was already doing busiess before coming into IT field)

Please advise and show some lights on my thoughts.

Thanks in advance

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The first thing to do if you don´t want to starve to dead is DON´T MOVE TO TORONTO!
Out of all the cities in this country, the economy in Toronto is going down the toilet, we haven´t hit the bottom yet.
Ontario is not the place to be to start a new live, never have been but specially now.

If you are seriously looking for employment opportunities, I really really encourage you to start looking somewhere else. This is a big country, there are more cities than Toronto.



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Shocked to know that one shouldn´t start from TORONTO...as I was having the impression the employment opprotunities in toronto will be much much better that other cities...

Please guide me for IT Field Guys which cities have good opportunities. Refer me some website links to go thru and explore before I make up mind for a particular city.....

Thansk a TONNNNNN....

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Bill, if you are going to impersonate Alberta Bill you should learn better english.

no, Toronto is not the home of guaranteed employment. IT is in the tank like everything else. Newspaper today says to look at transferable skills that would get you work in other industries.

Saskatchewan may be better than Ontario.

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Sorry guys, i am still unanswered about my orgininal queries. It would be great if anybody can shadow some light on the orginal queries and provide some links to explore the city wise opportunities.

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Thanks for your english class, now I can see how´s done. I appreciate your effort.


I am not sure if Alberta is the best place for an IT person, that is not my area of expertise so I don´t know.

Business wise, well,,,, I can say that Toronto isn´t the best place at this particular point in time.
My point is... keep your mind open and when you do your employment research, don´t type JUST Toronto or jobs in Ontario.

Saskatchewan is doing well, Alberta well... we rock! and BC is not doing too bad, however the coporate sector in BC with the exception of Government is going through a rough time.



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