Do they verify experience ?

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Subject: Do they verify experience ?
Does the canada visa office contact all your past employers to verify the experience you have mentioned in the federal skilled worker immigration application?

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One of my employers I worked for for several years is out of business and gone. Will that affect my skilled worker immigration app?
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Try including an affidavit of support with your application stating that this employer has been liquidated now and ceases to exist. Also, mention the name and contact info of a colleague or supervisor from this company, who can vouch for the fact that you DID infact work there. Finally, include all official documentation you have from this employer with the application.

That should be good enough. Don´t worry. You are not the first one with such a situation !

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Yes ! Sometimes they cross check all claims . I knew who had such experience in this regard
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thanks kelly, anonymous.
All I have is a letter of experience they gave me when I left 3 yrs ago. I am still worried.

Anonymous, can you tell me what cross checking experience you know about?


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