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Subject: Citizenship -Roy/Sharon
  Hello All,

Could you please give me your thoughts on my question? My status in Canada:
Student Visa between Sept. 2003 - May. 2006
Permanent Resident between June 2006 - Aug. 2007 (Physically Present)

Starting Sept. 2007, moved to US to take up a Job. I do not have long term plans to be in the US, and planning to return to Canada in a year. My question here is-Am I eligible to renew my PR status in Canada?

I am not sure how my time spent in Canada on student visa counted towards the PR residency requirement. As of August 2007, Did I satisfy 730 days of residency requirement for PR renewal?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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You have no problems so far... Once one year becomes two and then three, it might become a problem. try to marry a US citizen and get residency there. Good luck.
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In order to keep your residency, you have to be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 730 days within the past 5 years (backwards from the date of your PR Card expiration).

The timeframe as student counts only for the citizenship process, not for the PR renewal.

Good luck!

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Edu/give it a rest, Thanks for your inputs

Is it true that the timeframe as student does not count towards PR renewal? If so, is there any document that I could refer?

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This page shows some information about the residence requirement in order to apply for citizenship. If the rule to apply for citizenship is the same to apply for PR renewal, your timeframe as student would count as half a day. We need an expert to answer this issue.

Residency obligation (appendix A):

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