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Subject: Processing Fees?
  Hi everybody,

I intend to send my FSW application forms to Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Unit,Sydney-Canada, I confused how to send the processing fees and which way is more secure knowing that I´m in EGYPT and the banking system here not as in Canada.
Anybody can kindly advice me about better way?



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Your bank should be able to give you a cashiers cheque in Canadian dollars for the required amount. Make sure that the cheque is made payable to the correct organization (the name should be on the application form).

Have you name, date of birth and country of citizenship written on it as well (the bank will either type it for you, but if not, ask the bank where on the cheque to write it)


Ray Masa
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can anyone tell me if i can make the payment for canadian permanent residence skilled worker category in my local currency equivalent and how to do it ? pls i need urgent response on this as it making the submission of my form difficult for me. and also send me the address to send the money to. cos am a nigerian, i travelled down to ghana for submission of my form but unfortunately, the procedure has been changed. and all effort to get the right information proof abortive.

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