To apply from India or USA??

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Subject: To apply from India or USA??
  I intend to apply for immigration to Canada. I keep moving between USA and India for work (few months in india and few months in USA). I am a citizen of India and visit USA on a visa.
I have the following questions:
1. Can i apply for immigration to Canada from the U.S.A, or i must apply for it from India?
2. If i can apply from the USA, will it be a problem later on if i am in India when the immigration does come thru´?
3. Do i have better chances of having my application accepted if i apply from USA than when i am applying from India?
4. How long does it take from the date of application, till the acceptance? Does it take longer, when i apply from India?
5. Is it better to apply for immigration thru´ a lawyer or it can be done personally with the same results?


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What visa do you use for travel to US? If it is a B1/B2 , then you cannot apply inside US. To be able to apply outside your home country , you must have a legal document authorising you to stay in that country for one year or more. To apply at canadian embassy in US, you will need a stay on your I-94 card for one year or more.

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