CBSA Officer pretends to be Lawyer

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Subject: CBSA Officer pretends to be Lawyer
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Up until recently CBSA could only remove 10,000 persons per year and some of them volunteer to go home. There is only so much work removal officers can do in a day.

They have to transfer the file to the airport and that takes at least a week in Toronto.

For example a spouse volunteers to go home and is sponsored back with a ARC. Or some just want to leave and need to obtain their passport which CBSA is holding.

Now CBSA have hired plenty of more staff and some are not following acceptable procedure of fundamental justice.

Here is a shocking story.

Using a man´s wife and child to get him to surface when there is no criminality involved is so wrong.

I hope the head of CBSA in the GTA Mr. Reg Williams deals with this officer promptly.


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why is canada very strict in the refugee asylum? They have "zero" tolerance for violators.......
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Fair enough Roy ~ however you also need to acknowledge that he was actively evading a deportation order. Did you miss the first sentence? ´A man in hiding in Toronto after he was ordered deported to Brazil ´

Does this mean that police who use deceptive tactics to track down someone who broke the law is also stepping out of bounds?

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A person in Law enforcement must set an example!

For your information Carrie after being here for several years and establishing themselves a family is called in for a PRRA decision and given two days to provide a ticket. If they do not wish to provide their own tickets for what ever reason they are normally given one week to show up at the airport.

All knowledgeable estimates set undocumented workers at between 400,000 to 600,000. Then people who have gone underground after they lost their refugee claim is any ones guess.

The Removal game is all about numbers or statistics.

That is why CBSA focuses on families because they add up faster & are easier to track them or trick them because of the love a Dad or Mom has for the other and their kids.

Their are soooo many that no one needs to use such despicable tactics.


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The case is about the Lawyers counsil (or whatever it called)
and the CBSA. because the way that the story happened hurt more the lawyers in doing their jobs cause customers will think twice befor responding to an appointment.
the case its not between the applicant and the CBSA,because he is runingaway from a deportation order.
The police has an absolute right to trick the peoples that they are trying to catch i guess the CBSA too.
the this case has to be discussed between CBSA and the lawyers representative.

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I think people need to get their facts strait... The people were here ILEGALLY... they were fleeing a deportation order. which is criminal in itself... Personally they deserve what they got for being criminals.

THe individuals in question were being deceiving only reasonable that the CBSA officers returned the favour to catch a criminal...

Its not about statistics do you have any idea the amount of work these officers do on a daily basis. Yes there are the few bad that taint the many good but you get that in any line of work. lay off and rant about the real injustice here... criminals dodging deportation orders.. yes. they are criminals.

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