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Subject: study permit for a minor
I really need some help, I am here in canada with a work permit under the low skilled program for 5 months now, my family is here now visiting me their visa?s expire in july so I want it to put my daughters in school in the meanwhile now here is the problem one of our daughters is within the marriage and the 13 year old is my wife?s daughter the one within the marriage had no problem but for our other daughter they asked for a study permit because she doesnt have my last name and she is not my daughter legally.
Now they have told me that she would have to leave the country to apply for a study permit which I find ridiculous and somebody else told me that I can apply by sending the application to buffalo U.S.A but Iam wondering is it possible to apply to vegreville alberta.
Please I really need your advise on what I should do I would really appreciated.

Kind regards

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