Does anyone know ????

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Subject: Does anyone know ????
  Hello my fellow immigrants,

I have been recently granted a Canadian PR. I received it under provincial nominee program. There has been not so much talk about it, but many people guess cause don?t really know the exact answer.

My question is now that I m a PR, do I have to stay with my company or am I free to go work anywhere I want? I?ve heard some people say NO and that I have to stay working for that company for another 2 years, other people say YES you are free to go, now that you have it you don?t need any work permits and have the same rights(except for those few ones) as Canadians.

Someone with any knowledge on the subject please write your thoughts. Even better if you know where I can read the official document please post me the link.

Thanks so much!

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Hi there,

All terms and conditions for PNP you can find in your immigration documents . If nothing is mentioned there then you are free to go anywhere .

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