How Long Wait - Damascus...?

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Subject: How Long Wait - Damascus...?
Does anybody know that how long we must wait for Damascus ?This waiting Is KILLING me! Please Share your comment with me.Regards
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What´s your timeline?

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My timeline:Applied on 28-Nov.-2001 (A.O.R) send Ielts andother Doc. Jul.2003 Still waiting.What`s your timeline?

Applied in April 2001 (in reply to: How Long Wait - Damascus...?)
Hi all
I submitted my application in April 2001 Nothing yet!
I have heard in April 2005 interview will be
Anybody knows??? Plz tell us

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I think spring/summer 2001 applicants will get their visas in Jan/Feb 2006, fall/winter 2001 may get it on summer 2006, thats only a guideline thats if all goes well with no particular problem.
good luck all, I have done my medicals in June 2005 but still no luck of hearing anything, I think it takes about 3 months after medicals but if a problem arise it could be 12 months !!

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hi Mr. Yari
My situation is exactly as you because i have applied on 29 november 2001,just one day after you.please email to me to share our email adress is:


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