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Subject: visa was refused
  My fiance had a 1 year work visa and applied to extend it last September. He just got a letter 2 days ago saying that his application was refused and would have to leave the country February 7. We think there was some sort of mistake he made when he applied. We have been together for almost two years and we weren´t planning on getting married until 2010 but I wouldnt mind marrying him tomorrow if i knew that would make a difference. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do so he doesnt have to leave in February or is it too late.
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If you need assistance you will have to provide better details.

Was the work permit an employer specific work permit?
Was the work permit something he obtained after graduation?
Was the work permit an open work permit like BUMAC?

Don´t even think about doing an In - Land Spousal sponsorship after being told to leave. Timing will affect that type of application.


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During all that time you were with him, marriage did not cross your mind! Doing it now is BAD. CIC will know in a heartbeat that you are doing this to keep him around... marriage of convenience. Please go out and find another jock to ride on! There are many good men, both Canadian and foreign, in most cities of Canada. When you find the next guy, think a little further into future and not wait till everything is ready to fall to pieces and try desperate measures to hold on to the comfort of bed-room activity!
give it a rest
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give it a rest, I think YOU should give it a rest.
WTF are you writing?
So she should just leave him and move onto another man?
And you assume she is staying with him because he is good in the bedroom?
HAH! what are you smoking and please give me some.

Tim Horton's
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what is BUMAC???
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BUMAC is a working holiday type situation from most Western European countries.

Like I said before more DETAIL is required.


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The work permit is an employer specific work permit and I was really offended by that other comment. I´m not going to find another guy I am engaged to this guy. I chose him he didn´t choose me and we love eachother. I know we will get married eventually I just don´t know anything about this immigration stuff and wasn´t sure if a marriage licsence would change anything or that fact that we´re engaged. Thanks for your help everyone else. :)
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Melissa, any woman who loves truly could get offended by "rest´s" comments.

just ignore him. hes close being a eunuch i guess with a brick heart.

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