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Subject: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada
  Dear Friends:

I am based in Los Angeles and need to go to India in two weeks for work. I am on H1B visa and need to get my visa stamping for the first time. I came to USA on F1 visa. Please help me with the following queries:

1) Like Mexico, has Canada also stopped visa stamping for first time stampers?
2) If Canada still does it, which is the best consultate to go to?

Look forward to your response and thank you very much for your support in advance!


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I do not have direct answer to your question but since you are going to India for work, assuming you are citizen of India, your best bet is to appear in US Consulte in the region of your work or residence.

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I am not sure but if you visit the web site of any US consulate in Canada (try the one in Vancouver, the closest to you, google "US consulate, Vancouver"), you will find that if you are not Canadian citizen nor Canadian permanent resident, it is better to refer to the US consulate in your citizenship country (india).
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Only option for the applicants from the US is Ottawa.

I wold also consider India seriously. In Canada to get the appoinment is a big hassle, extreme long queue. Have to do online, and totally depends on luck. Have to book the appoinment 6/8 weeks prior..Can be done online only.

Just search US consulate site, Ottawa

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You can apply at any consulate. Vancouver consulate is a good option.
Thrid country national rule may apply. If you are not a PR of canada, you may subject yourself for rejection.
You can try..and then apply in India if get rejected.
However, if I am in your shoes, I would save time, efforts, money and anxiety and apply from my country. Plan far ahead in advance as you may subject to delays resulting from long waiting time for interview appointments as well as the security check. Best wishes.

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A RECENT CASE : they refused in Toronto saying that he has to submit all documents from the start of employment so be careful.
Got Approval for H1 will they reject stamping (in reply to: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada)
Hi, I got approval for H1 for a new company, I am resident of India, but living in US from last 3 yrs. Is there any way they ask to go to Home country for stamping, I got recent visa stamping at India on Aug´08 for L1, now I am going for H1 stamping at Canada, do their reason that they cant evaluate our education makes sense in this case.

Not a good idea to go to canada for stamping (in reply to: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada)
I understand your concern of going to canada to get stamped.My better suggestion is not to leave the country at any cost
Once you are out of the country chances of gettig stamped are evry minimal in lieu of the current economic turmoil.
Just drop the plan.Do not try canada.You will be asked to go the home country from there directly.Things have changed over the last few months dude.
Rest of it upto your risk and benefits and circumstances.
Best of luck

H1B Extension after I-140 Approved (in reply to: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada)
Does all these above posts apply on H1B extension after getting my I-140 approved. I was thinking to get it stamped as my PD is far away.
Please advise.

H1B Visa Stamping in Canada (in reply to: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada)
I am thinking about getting it stampped from Canda

L1 to H1B Status chane / Visa stamping (in reply to: H1B Visa Stamping in Canada)
I am on L1, now my assignment is going to end by this month. So, I would like to use H1B which is approved on Oct 2007 for me.

Please let me know whether Status change is the best option or Going to Canada/Bahamas/India and get it stamped and then re-enter in to US.

I feel status change is best and easy, if doesn´t go thru then I can leave to India and get it stamped.

Please throw some light on the possible options.