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Subject: i need ur expert advice
  our PNP is on process but if we do not receive the letter of acceptance before our work permit expires they won?t be able to extend our work permit. Is there any other alternative we could do to extend our stay while waiting for the result of our papers since our permit will expire in a month.I also heard that after the permit expires we can be provided with a 90days grace period, is it automatically given or we should ask for it?i hope you could help me with this .thanks in advance
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This is one of those postings were a little knowledge could get you into serious trouble. So you did your PNP yourself???? If not ask your representative.

So you have been here on an employer specific work permit working in__________? Your current employer has sponsored you I assume. Contact your provincial HRSDC office and see if they will extend the LMO already provided since you were granted a PNP certificate based on the same occupation. Then submit to CIC and you will have implied status.

The ninety day thing is for some who need to renew their TRV and forgot to renew it that they can apply for reinstatement up to 90 days.

Hope you get it.


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