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Subject: What happens if papers sent individually
  Hi Guys...

I have to sent additional documents as per the request of the consulate.

Now the letter that I got says that I have to send all the documants in one package but what happens (how much delay) it can cause if they are sent individually... as I receive it...

How much delay can it cause in deciding the result of immigration file.

Thanks for your answers...
- Harshal -

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We never know how much delay can it cause, but if they request from you to send it all together, then send it together. They probably need all that at the same time.
If you want to send it seperatly because you are waiting for the rest, send it and write them a letter saying: I understand you requested such and such but unfortunately I am still waiting to that document and will send it as soon as its received.

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It would be easy for CIC if all the documents are sent together. But it didn´t happen in my case. I had to send some documents and the FBI fingerprints later. I mentioned that clearly in the first mail that the FBI finger prints will be sent later and in the second mail after 20 days i sent the FBI docs. mentioning that I had already sent other docs. on so and so date.

It worked for me. Everything was accepted and I got my immigrant visa.

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