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Subject: Roy...Please advise...Frankly
  I have submitted my Prrof of Funds with other Udpated documents(family members info etc.) in Jan 2009. I am waiting for my Medical request from CHC. Right now in US...I need to take decision to complete my family decision of second baby.

What I have decided is I should wait for Medical Request from CHC, complete the medical with existing members and sent them to CHC. After that I can plan for second baby as this wait would not delay the Medical and next stage processing from CHC side. After there will be nothing pending (God forbidden) from my side to give to CHC.

I want your personal advise on my decision approach to post pone the decision of family compltetion till i sunbmit the Medical result to CHC......

Please advise...

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How can anyone tell another how to live their life. The answer must come from within based on what is personally important.

The delay in processing of your application due to an additional child because of lack of documents or medicals with be so little it should no even enter into the equation.

Focus on what dream you have for five years from now and make your own decision.


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Thansk Roy for advise...

Your point is very true about ones decision of living their own life... My intention was to take your opinion....I know the final decision will always be with me...

Any more thoughts on my Thoughts....????

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