France and USA Police certificates in India?

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Subject: France and USA Police certificates in India?
  Hi All,

I am applying for the Canadian Skilled labour immigration program. I have lived in France for around 3 years, in USA a for more than a year(I currently posses a valid H1B) and now I am in India(my native country). Now my question is - How can I arrange for French and USA police certificates? Is it possible to obtain these certificates (in both cases) without actually going there? As I do not have any plans to go to any of these countries in near future.
I searched online and found this particular link for France -

Here they say it will be sent to you by post. But will they send it by post to any overseas address as well?

Is there any such procedure for USA as well?

If any body has experience in this please help. All help much appretiated.



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