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Subject: possible reduction in immigration quotas
  Tories consider cut in immigrant numbers: Minister
By Norma Greenaway, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 10, 2009 2:01 PM

CanWest News ServiceOTTAWA ? Canada is prepared to consider a cut in the number of newcomers allowed into the country if necessary over the short term to respond to a souring domestic job and economic scene, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says.

"We don´t want people to be coming to Canada and facing unemployment," Kenney said Tuesday. "So, we need to be sensitive to a changing labour market, and if we need to make changes, we will."

Kenney made the comments to reporters after telling an all-party Commons committee that federal, provincial and territorial officials plan to meet at the end of next month to review the economic data to see if modifications to immigration levels are needed.

For now, though, the minority Conservative government plans to maintain its current immigration target of accepting up to 265,000 new permanent residents in 2009, Kenney told the committee on citizenship and immigration.

He said the government must be careful about turning off the flow of immigrants into the country because they will be needed post-recession to fill jobs and help fuel Canada´s economic growth.

"We need to be flexible, prudent and ensure that our response to short-term conditions does not counter our long-term goals, in which immigration will play a significant role," Kenney said.

Kenney added, however, that bad economic news could spur some potential immigrants to abandon plans to move to Canada.

"There is no doubt that newcomers, like all Canadians, will have a tougher time this year," he said. "And I suspect some people will take that into consideration in their decisions about whether or not to actually use the visas that were offered to them to come here as foreign workers."

Speaking later to reporters, Kenney said that although demand for temporary foreign workers will shrink this year, it will not disappear because there are still some labour gaps Canadian workers are unable to fill.

He promised to introduce a set of regulations this spring to protect foreign workers who, according to recent media reports, have been left in a lurch after being laid off from their jobs in Canada.

"Obviously there are issues of abuse (and) we want to address those," Kenney said.

Kenney also announced the government is increasing to 3,900 the number of refugees it will accept this year from war-ravaged Iraq. The new total is up from about 2,000 last year.

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis said the economic downturn is no excuse to lower immigration levels because newcomers are still needed to "fill the void of what Canadians don´t want to do."

Karygiannis told reporters he interprets Kenney´s remarks as a sign the government is going to "cut back massively" on the number of foreigners it will allow into the country as prospective immigrants.

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this ain´t good news
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I know... and I am sorry to be posting bad news. Not sure what the best answer is - leave things the way they are and having people scramble for work or slow things down and trying to balance things out. Both ways someone gets hurt.

Read an article on the CNN website about US (both legal and illegal) immigrants going home.


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Will this effect spuse immmigration 2?
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What will happen to those applicants who have already applied before 3-4 years. Will that be affected from this new law...or their processing will be processed slow than their expected processing time..

Existing Applicants
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there is no new law beyond the 38 NOC codes that affected applications after Feb 28, 2008.

What this vague statement might do is simply slow everything down even further. Hard to say. no laws require changing and no way to truly know until it actually happens. Right now all they are doing is thinking out loud.

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Actually, it might be a prudent thing for them to do that in order to protect Canada and to protect the prospective immigrant. You would not want to move without a fair chance of securing a job.
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Initially there was an expectation that the slow-down in economy will be short-lived; but now, seeing the way the US is still sliding and their stimulus apparently is worthless, the recession will last 3-4 years. It is bad idea to move here unless you have a good load of cash reserves. That said, some people with exceptional skills will always find work regardless how bad or competitive the environment has become!
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