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Subject: Please help need advice
  Hi my husband is sponsering and I´m worried about a few things.

We lived together for a year, we got married in November and now have applied using outland immigration process.

I am worried that when we had our wedding it was just us because neither one of us had family were we were staying. We plan to have a ceremony when were back together. We only had about 20 pictures that were any good to send but we have his temporary residence and his passport pages with arrival and departures. Is this enough to prove we were together all that time?

Also will VO believe us, I´m so worried I know everything about my hubby but what if I even answer all right and she still doesnt believe me. I just want to be back to him so bad

Would a laywer help us at all, we just want to be back together

Please any advice or help would be much appreciated.

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Send other proofs also like rental receipts, joint bank accounts, credit cards, phone bills showing regular communication, etc. Basically any document which can show that you are in a genuine relationship. 20 pictures are more than enough in most case if the rest of the documents are in order.

Answering the immigration officers questions will not come into picture till you are notified of the interview. Prepare a good file explain everything which you think needs to be explained such as your marriage, etc and you should be fine.

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