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  Hi, I am a Filipina, and I have a boyfriend. We´re in our 3 years and 9 months now. My boyfriend is a a qualified permanent resident in Canada and he´s just waiting for his Canadian visa. His mom, dad, 2 sisters and 2 brothers are there already. We love each other. He asked me to search about fiance visa to Canada. He will shoulder all my expenses. Can you help us on this? He wants me to go there and get married there. Is it possible? Pls. help. Thank you so much.

I have also a 10 year old son. My son. My boyfriend wants to adopt my son if he got enough money and go to Canada with us. What are the papers needed?

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There is no fiance(e) visa for Canada. However, you can go to Canada and get married on temporary resident visa and he can then start the sponsorhip process. You will not be allowed to work till you get first stage approval for inland or land as a pr for outland sponsorship.

I think if you get married to him then your son can also be included on the sponsorship application.

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