Skill Worker Application: need your advice, plz

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Subject: Skill Worker Application: need your advice, plz
  I intend to apply as a skill worker. I understand that I have to provide some supporting documents after submission to prove my skills. Does anyone have any idea what should those supporting documents be other than resume? Does providing a letter from current and former employees suffice? Is there any particular template for those letters? Does anyone has a sample letter?

I really appreciate your help in advance.

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Hi Matthew,

My name is Mini and I work for an immigration conuslting firm in Vancouver. I am not a representtaive and offer free advise to people on immigration matters.

After reading your note I can tell that you hardly know anything about the process of applying to immigration.

Well, let me help you when you apply ,( i am assuming you know about BIll C50 and have confimed you are under the list), you fill out all applicable forms for yourself and your family , put all your educational documents, your work certificates which have to be in a specific format, and your proof of funds documents allong with the documents for your family.
Without this your file will be incomplete and you will do nothing but wait for years in line to be accepted.
Half the people know nothing but just apply and later their applications are refused and they are stranded.
But I am not telling you to hire someone and pay them loads of money to achieve this, besides, read the govertment website carefully propoerly and then prepare your application, always note any new rules that may affect your application, Understand how they want your documents to be presented.
It is very hard and is getting harder to get the immigration due to quotas been reduced, do not mess up with your application. I offer free advice, if you have any other questions contact me at If you need help preparing file, I may charge a small fee depending on much work I will need to do. My fee may only be a fraction of what the consultants charge, remember, i am not representing you but only preparing your file, and anyhow you ar free to email me to get free consultations, but any help for preparing documents will be charged.

you take care and good luck.

Need info about Canadian Immigration (Federal Skill Worker) IT Manager (in reply to: Skill Worker Application: need your advice, plz)
Dear seniors,

I would like to know about the Federal Skill Worker class, please let me know I wanted to apply as IT Manager but didn´t know the duties and responsibilities, so seniors pls let me know about my query, its urgent.

Hoping a quick and affirmative response,
Nadeem Rehman

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Mini ... if you are not a licensed representative but charging a "small fee" to complete applications, aren´t you a "ghost consultant" by Citizenship and Immigration Canada definition. Is it a NO NO to do that?
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