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Subject: PCC from KSA at time of Application submission
  Hi All,

I would be sending my federal skilled labor Application to CHC London shortly. i have worked in 3 countries since i turned 18.

Saudi Arabia (worked from August 2005 to September 2006)
UAE (currently settled)

please advice me do i need to submit my Police clearance certificate for all the 3 countries at the time i send my application to CHC-London or will they (CHC-London) ask me for the same in future during the application processing.

Also getting a PCC from Saudi Arabia is a night mare as i am no more living in KSA. Also the KSA consulate in UAE is not willing to issue any such certificate. Please advice should i send my application with or without the KSA PPC.

Thanks In advance

Ahmed hussain
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the Saudi won´t give you a Police certificate unless you have something who has connection . the immigration officer will take care of it. ( based on my experience)
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