Will an email from CIC ...

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Subject: Will an email from CIC ...
  ... be received by my email server as ´junk´ mail?

I just read a thread in which a person was contacted by CIC via email and he/she apparently never knew about it and the application was denied because they never did what they were asked to do on the email...

I am just wondering if that could happen to other people...

I´ve had the same email account for ages and had emailed CIC a few times inquiring about my case and they have replied... All the correspondence until now has been via regular mail though...request of new documents etc...

Since I have been waiting FOREVER!!! for news from CIC... I am wondering if there is a possibility for them to contact me via email and their message getting lost in my ´junk´ mail... I never even open the junk mail folder...just delete them all!

Please, if you have any idea about this... let me know.


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Just in case, you should open your junk mail folder before delete all the content ... you never know.

Good luck!

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Yes it can happen. It happens with me with other very important emails (not the CIC)..especially when the email address was used in the past to send "mass emails" i.e. messages to large number of people...and then a private message sent to you particularly..it will go to the "spam or junk" folder.

The advice is to check the "spam or junk" folder regularly and before deletion.

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Thanks for the reply guys...

By the way... Edu... what is going on with your case... I remember your name... not clear on what the status of your case was though... hope things are okay...

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