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Subject: deportation after prison term
  I´m wondering if anyone knows of any cases in which a permanent resident of Canada commited a violent crime, served a prison term and was still allowed to stay in Canada on humanitarion grounds. Any links to cases or stories would be helpful. I´ve been told by immigration there is a .1% chance of it.


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I love these last few words, "I´ve been told by immigration there is a .1% chance of it".

Now let us not even deal with your words (violent crime) but with what Immigration supposedly told you.

The people who work at the tele-centre are NOT Immigration Officers!

The people who work at CBSA who remove people are NOT Immigration Officers nor do they represent the Minister at Appeal Hearings.

I find it really difficult that someone (at Immigration) would give you that statistic of .1% approval rating. I find that really difficult to accept.

I suggest you address your question to the Immigration Appeal Division. The other issue is how many who have Permanent Residents who have been convicted then ordered deported actually appeal? Then how many of those appeals get stays and how many are enforced.

Each appeal of any removal order is based on a case by case situation. Would anyone want those appeals dealt with any way else?

Remember most of us have family even some people who get convicted and in my Canada people are changed when the court orders a penalty and they pay their debt to the Canadian Society. I for one can not accept the American approach of building more prisons then schools.

The difference is all in the details which must be viewed properly. Some deserve to be removed and some deserve a stay of that removal order so they can prove that they are a changed person.


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A story like this was 4-5 months ago at The Gazette of Montreal, I think they (immigration) send him back at his country

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You came here and committed a violent crime... why the hell you want to hang around after the prison term? You might as well move to US (illegally) and commit more crime there; Americans are much stricter when imposing prison sentences so you can hang out in the US prison system much longer... then you may have return to your homeland since the rest of the countries south of the US may give you a quick death sentence!
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