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Subject: Validity of PR card
  We were issued Canadian PR cards last year in June, 2008. What is the residency requirement (no of days needed to be physically present every year or in five year in Canada)for our PR cards to be valid.
Some say 2 years of physical presence out of five years. Bit confused.

Your knowledgeable answers will be appreciated.

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730 days out of every five years. Your residency requirement starts from the day you land as a PR.

You can have a valid PR card but may have already lost your immigrant status, as PR cards are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue.

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If someone was livign 8 years in Canada and Left the country for 5 months during those months PR card expired and he is outside of Canada, what Happens in that Case?
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You can try to enter via road with your COPR, as PR card is only required for travel through commerical carriers. If that is not possible then you can apply for travel document from the nearest consulate.
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