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Subject: Landing soon
  I have only heard for some qualification courses that you can take as a new immigrant sponsored by the government and i wonder does anyone knows about that whole employment courses, specifically accounting and bookeeping. this will take place in vancouver bc. I am also a bit unclear on the housing situation is there any federally assissted housing for freshly landed immigrants or I am on my own there?


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Oh Paulina you are not in your own, they will find you a place to stay, let say like a "shellter" for woman or Salvation Army is a nice place, is clean,food is good evrything is good, you will make a lots nice friends SDR

Here is Canada what are you thinking no body let you in the street,

And Vancouver is a such a beutiffull city, specily est side downtown is very very beautifull you will see very nice people in that side SDR

Now for those courses,yeah you did heard right the gouvernament will help you to do any of those courses but you have to be in wellfare,

Now this is a personal help for you , if you have any problem when you are Vancouver with house or those courses
you go at a place is called " Irish Refugi" is on 17th street and Main street,there is a spanish woman she is very good person,she will help you

Good Luck and well come to the jungle

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Don´t go to the Irish place; it is a call-girl or girls-for-rent type of place. Vancouver is a tough joint... over populated and very competitive. However, if you are good-looking and outgoing type, you will find many guys who are more than willing to help; Women of Vancouver and stuck-up whores who are abandoned by the men living there.
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Sure Shot
What a F.. beep..k are you talking about ?
She is asking for any information ,how to find a place to stay or to do any of those courses,

and you are saying if she is good looking or outgoing, she will find some guy to help her,Bull sh#8

What a F..beep..k

Hej and by the way, that place on 17th and Main street is not that kind a of place you are saying, you.....

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Thanx for the answer. I wonder why do I have to be on wellfare in order to get to those qualification courses?, And wouldn´t I be on wellfare by default since I just got into the country and have no job or income?

For the housing I have a friend that I can stay with for a couple of days even weeks, but she mentioned something about new immigrant co-op options and some other housing programs which she could not elaborate on so I don´t even know the names of those programs.

Thanx for the kind words too


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Polina if you are not at wellfare, and let say you are working they will tell you to pay those courses in your own, but if you are in wellfare they will help you to do any of those courses and you do not have to pay

If you have frends they know and will tell you what to do

About that place i did say you to go(on 17th street and Main street) I thought you had no body in Vancouver for this I told you to go there, but steel if you have any problem you go there they will help you with the name of those programs , they are really good people

And know a personal help, Why Vancouver? is not good city, people are not good, specialy if you are from Europe you will find very different life style, anyway

Good luck

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