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Subject: PRRA and being removed
  my wife filed a refugee clam back in 2004 and it was refuse in june 2005, then she appeal to the federal court the case was dismissed,she filed a h&C in 2006 and the file was transfered to the local office. we got married one ago, she was given a PRRA in june 2008 and now they asking her to leave i don´t know what to do,we file our sponsorship application after the PPRA was sign and our lawyer told us that they will not remove her because she has an application and her husband is here.
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It is very simple actually. If CIC Vegreville RECEIVED sponsorship application BEFORE your wife got invited for PRRA interview than you are fine. It seems in your case that you submitted the sponsorship after PRRA. Your lawyer is misleading you, unless he is a magician. Sorry to say, but to best of my knowledge, you will have to depart your wife and submit outland sponsorship. Depends where she´s from, it can take anywhere between 2 months to 2 years.
Good luck.

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Everything is timing and how well you proved your spousal application.

You can file for a stay but which Visa post you need to use makes a HUGE difference.


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