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Subject: Roy this one is for you...
  Hello Roy... I hope your remember me... I am the ´Lily´ who lives in the UAE... teacher... applied as a SW... anyways... I wanted to see if you could once more offer your kind and generous advice... :O)

I have been waiting a long, long time (around 43 months) for an answer from CIC... my medical exams expired last December 31st. About a week before the expiration of my medical exams I contacted them via email asking them about the status of my application and why is was taking so long ... they simply appologized for the delay and said they were still working on my backgroud check and that they did not know how much longer it would take them to get a final answer...

I decided to just forget about the application once more and let it flow... but it is bugging me again .. the fact that they are just taking so long to finalize it!

I guess what I am trying to ask you is ... What do you think I should do at this point? Should I keep emailing them? I don´t want to upset them though... or Shoudl I give them all the time in the world and hope I soon hear from them?

Thank you Roy for your reply...

Take care!

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Sometimes background/security checks can take over a year. You have no choice but to be patient. There is no point in sending them regular emails.

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R U the same Lily from so long ago????????

There is no (logical reason) background or security checks should take more then two weeks.

If you have been in Canada they ask a local office normally Investigations at Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver to do a Foss check, completed by clerks. Only if there are Non Computer Based (NCB´s) comments would they need to get the paper file from archives.

Proof of No Convictions is just that, fingerprint checks.

Now CSIS is just mainly a computer name search to see how high of a percentage anything responds to your basic data Name, DOB, COB, etc. with other organizations around the world, Interpol etc. etc. done by clerks.

Did I not offer to send you the fax number for CSIS before and they will confirm that a check has been requested and completed on a specific date.

Now IF you have been asking this and asking that there is a chance your file got misplaced. That is very likely.

I tend to agree with Samm, go for a walk enjoy the weather and on April 1st blast away if nothing has developed.


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Lilly I forgot. Processing times is what I argue constantly is an Unusual and Undeserved Hardship not anticipated by IRPA or IRPR and in most cases beyond the persons control.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Manual IP5 Chapter 6.7

Hong Zhang my client who is the Un-Wed Mother was approved stage one by the PRRA Unit in Toronto February 2008. Then her file got transferred to Mississauga CIC on Waitline for Landing Process.


Standard letter sent to client from PRRA Unit stated one to two years to process landing.

Client has never, NEVER even received a letter requesting anything from Mississauga CIC office and she kept getting informed by the tele-centre BACKGROUND CHECKS STILL OUTSTANDING!

Since we had submitted proof of no convictions.
It had to be a FOSS check or CSIS.
Privacy request showed FOSS check completed.

Tele-centre claimed CSIS check had been requested but.......
no results.

CSIS showed us that the check was completed 9 months ago.
We just sent the original letter from CSIS to Mississauga CIC on 75 Waitline. Not Miss. CPC

Now should I scream procedural fairness? I can´t, I have been screaming to much regarding Canadian children being sent back to China were they have to give up their Canadian Citizenship to be able to go to school.

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease and other times the wheel is thrown away.


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Dear Roy, thanks so much for your reply... thanks to you also Samm... and yes, I am the Lily from long time ago...

I am really trying to take things easy and not to give it much thought... but not to hear from them after so long bugs me sometimes... and it also makes me wonder if I missed a letter or email or like you said... may be they misplaced my filed or something like that... so that is why I feel like reminding them that I am still waiting...

And yes Roy, you offer once to send me CSIS fax number via email but I don´r remember getting it... right around that time, I requested CAIPS and found out that they did not have any information about my husbands background... there is where I think the problem is... my husband´s nationality and possibly his name (someone said that if one has a very common name it might take longer ... but I think that is absurd since there are other factors that might help differenciate one person from another DOB, finger prints, etc)

I have never been to Canada... we lived in the US for a long time before moving to the UAE... I am the principal applicant, my husband is from Syria, I am from Venezuela...
Neither of us have any criminal record... the only thing is INS record of overstaying his visa (husband) and as a result of that he was asked to leave the US... that is the reason we all left after 15 years... that is on his American Police Certificate... so it is nothing new to CIC. Other than that... nothing

If you think I will still benefit from faxing CSIS, I will appreciate it if you give me their fax number... I think it will be good to check if they have done the background check or not...

And no, I haven´t been asking CIC this or that... actually I have been really careful not to contact them since it is said that it will delay your application process... I have only contacted them when I saw that my medical exams were about to expire...

I will just keep on waiting... lately... things do not look so green on the other side of the fence any ways...

Thank you again for your time and advice!


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Hello Roy, hey after your email... I decided to check out the CSIS website for some information... they have a FAQ´s section but the say there the following about obtaining a security clearance:

*If you are a member of the general public and a condition of employment requires a government security clearance, contact the Human Resources division of the hiring government department.

*If you are a general contractor and require a security clearance, call Public Works and Government Services Canada at 613-948-4176, or call toll-free at 1-866-368-4646 (weekdays, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.).

* For all immigration/refugee/visa-related issues, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1-888-242-2100.

So... I guess I can´t get a clearance as a member of the general public....

I wonder if this is what you were trying to tell me to do... or if you think there is a way for me to check if someone (CIC) has requested a security clearance certificate about us (my family)...

I couldn´t find something that allows one to find out if anyone has check one´s personal background in the CSIS website...

I am sorry... I know you are very busy helping people with real problems... sorry if I take too much of your time...

If you have a chance reply but I will understand if you don´t... the situation of some of your clients is very difficult and I am sure they need your attention more than I do...

Thanks a lot for your help.

Lily :O)

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Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, come on girl.

What is in my coffee this morning?

Quote "I requested CAIPS and found out that they did not have any information about my husbands background... there is where I think the problem is... my husband?s nationality and possibly his name" UnQuote

How on earth could they not have your husbands name & nationality? That is standard on the forms.

Regarding CSIS and Security Clearances requested by CIC and donme by them!

CSIS will inform you by letter if a request for security clearance has been requested by CIC and if the results have been sent to CIC.


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:O) - :O) Roy you make me smile!

Well, I guess I gave you the wrong impression...

I explain: My husband´s info is available to CIC of course... what i meant was that on my CAIPS notes... there were no results for my husband´s background check... the field was empty... under my name, on the other hand, they had something showing... I cant remember exactly what, but it was something like no record or something of that sort... but there was nothing for my husband... is like his background check wasn´t done yet...

I read somewhere that sometimes background checks may take longer that expected if you have a very common name... that´s why I said may be my husband´s name has something to do with the delay... his name is Mohamad... you can´t get a more common middle eastern name that that one!!!! there most be billions of them!

I will try to contact CSIC with a letter and see if they can tell me if CIC has requested security clearances for us...

Dear Roy, thank you so very much for your comments...

I hope you enjoyed your coffee!

Take care!

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