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Subject: Fiancee application
  My family has applied for Canadian Immigration which includes me and our file is still pending. Now there is a slight change in the situation as I am engaged to a Canadian PR. The questions here are:

1. Can I come to Canada as his fiancee and then get married there and apply for PR as his spouse - OR Do I have to get married first and get the PR before I come to Canada?

2. Does my earlier application affect my new application and vice versa?

3. Will I have to inform the immigration office of my pending / new application?

I would really appreciate if someone could assist me in clearing my confusion.

Thank you!

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1. Canada does not have a fiancee visa. You need to be a spouse or common-law to be sponsored by your partner.

2. Yes, if you are on your parents application as a dependent, the moment you get married or are common-law you are no longer a dependent and need to be removed from their application.

3. Given that you need to be married to apply spousal, then yes, you do need to let them know.

In all honesty, it depending on when your family applied, you may actually be approved more quickly under a spousal application, you may want to assess how far you are in the process and if it would be more advantageous to apply with your future spouse.

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