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Subject: Sponsoring your wife from US to Canada
  Here´s my situation:

I met my (future) wife while in US. We have been dating for about 6 months. All this time I have been traveling down there to spend time with her. We are planning to get married.

- I am a Canadian citizen.
- She does not have US papers. She does have a SIN and can work in US, but does not have a "status" yet. Her immigration papers are in the process of being reviewed.

Questions would be:

1) Is a religious institution´s marriage certificate adequate to prove that she is my wife (getting married in a Church for example), or do i have to go to get married in the city halll as well?

2) If I do get the marriage required papers, and I then sponsor her as my wife, will she be eligible for sponsorship, without having a status in the US? Will the Canadian immigration law accept her to be sponsored with a passport other than US, since she does not have a US passport?

3) if I sponsor her while she does no thave a status in the US, but legally she is my wife, what may be the worst case scenario that may happen with the Canadian immigration? Can they refuse her? They should not be able to if she can prove she is my wife and I meet all the sponsorship criteria, can they?

I really appreciate your help,



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1. The wedding can either be a religious or civil marriage. As long as it is considered a legal marriage where it was performed, Canada will recognize the marriage.

2. You can sponsor a spouse from anywhere in the world. She does not have to have a US passport to apply. She may be in the US on a work visa in which case, if she has been admitted to the US for more than 1 year she can apply through the US or her home country.

3. Status in the US is not required for her to be sponsored. That said though, just being your spouse doesn´t guarantee that she will be approved. You need to put your application together with evidence.

Sponsoring your wife from US to Canada (in reply to: Sponsoring your wife from US to Canada)
Carrie, you have been very very helpful with your response. Thank you very much.


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