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Subject: Please help Roy!!!
  I just landed 2 weeks ago in Toronto, still waiting for my PR card.I would like to make a trip to the US, to get my son school transfer papers for admission into Ontario school. My son is a US citizen, I was in the US in 1996, and overstayed for a few months, my questions is if I am turned away at the border. Would I be able to re enter Canada using the COPR document, since my card is not issued yet?

Please, please reply!!!


efraim zambrano
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All you have to do is call up the school in the U.S. and have the papers sent to the new school...No need to go there.
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Normally the real reason Detroit is hidden but to answer if there is another REAL reason. Yes they will let you back in they will not leave you on the bridge.


Please help Roy!!! (in reply to: Please help Roy!!!)
Thanks, Roy and Detriot for your answers.
efraim zambrano
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