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Subject: Landing - 11 months later
  Hi everyone!
I dont know who is writing now on the forum I did not manage to come back to it after a very long time.

For those who know who we are: We are building up our success story here in Canada after being here for 11 months now (see below)

For future immigrants: read this to give you hope that life can be great after landing !!

So what has happened to us since we landed ????

Our first 6 months in Calgary were just typical I guess for new immigrants. I could not find a job then my spouse was working a small job and we just managed by month by month. What we did not expect it HOW WELL the situation improves over time.

By Christmas we had a car, I had found a "transition job" in Calgary so we were both working, we obtained our first credit card and life was just getting better until the BIG NEWS happened in January.

My hard work of applying for jobs during our first summer finally paid off and yes it has taken nearly 9 months since we landed (mainly because it took 5 months for them to response) but I EVENTUALLY GOT THE *** JOB I WANT **** with the ****SALARY I WANT *** in my field!!!!! So it does happen just need time.

So in the time of 3 weeks we left Calgary to move to ... Ottawa! where I got my job. We actually now live in Gatineau in Quebec for the past 3 weeks where we were recommended to live as it is good for young families as childcare is much cheaper.

So now we are starting a new life with a "well above average" salary, we now live comfortably, we are about to get our first good car and plan to buy a house next year. Naturally things take time as my spouse now has to find a job now we moved but overall it is a real positive experience that has taken 11 months since we land.

We can now build our "Canadian dream" here, have good income, good social benefits (not quite yet the family doctor) but it seems that life is so beautiful now ..... things are just slowly falling into place.

SO IT DOES HAPPEN and I wish all the success to future immigrants. Patience is the key and I will keep the update in future!

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you have been on my mind. Your news is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Your positive attitude and perserverance has paid off for you. I could not be happier for you.
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Gives us all great motivation to fulfill our Canada dreams. Very inspiring to hear of your good sucess, CBV. Also helps to have such a positive attitide in becoming a new resident and making it work.
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That´s very refreshing to hear that. I have landed 2 weeks ago and pursuing my job search. I am hearing from employers "great resume but we are not hiring right now". I am positive the opportunity is there. I getting few interview request and hopefully will land a job soon. I am in civil engineering and the construction business is not very strong right now. I´m sure I will land something when things start piking up.

Your story is inspiring. I hope I will find something much sooner.

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Wow!! such a beautifull story,good for you and congrats,

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I often think of you and wonder how things are going for you. I´m so happy for you and so excited to hear how quickly things are falling into place. Ottawa is a wonderful city and I´m sure you´ll quickly fall in love with it. Congratulations!! :)
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it´s so good to hear ur story and a positive thing like this...for some reasons lately i have been hearing some negative things about´s funny how when i´m getting close to get there i started hearing negative stuff, but it sure is good to hear ur story...although i never doubted of the potential in Canada,i like positive thinking and patience is the key and the hell with all the negative people
i got my passeport request yesterday by the way :)

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Ottawa has many IT jobs and still hiring at slow pace. You are lucky to have matched their skill requirements. But this situation can not be applied across the board. But enjoy your good fortune... :)
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Hi this message from you really gives a motivation for people like me who expect to land by the end of the year´09. I was actually thinking to post this on the site as to what will be the gestation period once I land and start searching for a job. But tell me for Marketing proffessional like me who is settled in Mumbai, India. Will it be a good chance to leave settled things in India and move to an unknown land like Canada, though with ppl like you there hopefully it will not remanin an unknown land by the time ai am there. Your advice will be appriciable.

ALl the best.

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To El **226...
it is not about bein negative or optimist
it is about bein realist
and is about of people´s espectation,there are people who fill like Hocky Star because they have their own car,
and there are people who want more then a car,they espected more from Canada

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Funny thing is the negative things i heard were from people that probably never lived in Canada or even went there...
different prospectives...well anyway i think it all depends on the person and how he/she sees things and make the most out of life.
Good luck to all