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  I am a canadian citizen, and will be getting married this July´09.My fiancee is under the live-in caregiver.I just want to ask if i can sponsor her as my spouse right away after the wedding? or i still have to wait until she can apply for a PR under her program before i can spponsor her? It really stress me ´coz the company i´m working right now wants to move me in Calgary, i can´t just leave her here in vancouver while i´m in Calgary. Pls...reply asap. thanks


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You can sponsor her right away.
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right away after the wedding or right away now? We have been living together for almost 2 years now...
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Right away (as Common law partner) or after the wedding (as a spouse).
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If you are living together for almost a year then your fiancee will have problem when she apply for Permanent Residency under the live-in caregiver program, i.e. violating the main requirement of the program to "live-in" with the employer.

You mentioned that you are living together for almost 2 years... then you can sponsor her under the Family Class Sponsorship (Common-Law Partner)... In order to do so, you need to prove the relationship is genuine and continuing.

Good luck!

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I mean she´s with me every weekend that she´s off and drop her Sunday night to her employers house and stayed there until she get off on fridays.

Do you think staying with me when she´s off is still a violation to the "live-in caregiver"?

Thanks for all the ideas that your sharing me.I really appreciate it.

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Staying with her during weekends is not a violation since that is her day off. Good luck!
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Allain never take advice from someone using an email address like anonymous-immigration@yahoo.com etc.

Get married and sponsor her (now)! You can always have the big wedding reception later. Outside of Canada is better and you can explain everything how you two met etc. etc.

Spousal sponsorships Inside-Canada can be kicked for an interview after six months and you can wait another four years.


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