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Subject: Roy/Sharon/Senior Members -- Please advice

I need some assistance, I have recently had a security background interview at Buffalo. In the interview I was only asked about my family and background (2 hours long). After the interview the CSIS agent who interviewed told me that he is going to write a report and then CIC will contact me, he said I am closer in completing the Immigration process.

A detail about my application:
In-Canada Applicant
AOR: May 07
IA: Dec 07 (Interview Wavied)
Medicals & Landing Fees: Dec 07
Interview Request: Nov 08
Interview: Mar 09

Has anyone been though this? How long will the process take further? Any feed back or details from some one who has been though this will be greatly appreciated.


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If you have passed the interview you are closer after a month or so they will ask you to do medicals ( I think your medical was done in 07 so it is expired) after which approximately a month if all´s okay u will get a request for passport. After you submit your passport they will senmd this back in approx a month´s time with visa stamped. Say you are looking at earliest if you are lucky 4 months upto 8 months. Have patience - All the best
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