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Subject: Work Visa and Study permit
  Hello everyone,

I have a situation where a few of our employees have Work Visa´s and we have an "inhouse" Training program for an apprenticeship.

My question is this, if people are in our company with work Visas can they apply for a Study permit in order to participate in our Apprenticeship program?

I have looked through most of the actual Visas and they state that "Unless authorized, must not attend any educational institution or take any academic, professional or vocational training course."

Who would we have to contact in order to obtain the proper authorization?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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No person in Canada needs a study permit for any course of less then six months duration.


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Thanks for the replies.

This apprenticeship is comprise of 16-18 courses in total. Each course last less than 3 months.

The actual appreniceship is over a 2 year span.

Does this mean that because each course is less than 6 months they can actually participate?

Or because the apprenticeship is a 2 year program that they will need proper authorization.

Thank you.

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