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Subject: withdraw application

pls help here guys.

when can anyone withdraw an application?

i mean i submitted the (spouse sponsorship) 3 months ago.
heard NOTHING from CIC-M.

can i still withdraw it?
is there a chance they have opened it? or just threw it in the garbage for whatever reason.

im planning to withdraw it and start a new.

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Is there really any point in withdrawing it? I wouldn´t do so unless there´s been a very serious error or ommission in the current one. Besides, what´s the assurance that they would expedite action on the new application. I personally withdrew my application for PR and it took almost 3 months after I sent the withdrawal letter for them to get back to me. It´s going to take, according to them, "another 6 months or so to get a refund". Think well and smart
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Yes. Theres a big point withdrawing it. IRPA 117. i kinda hate to admit being stupid.

want to go back home and marry my spouse again.
im not after the refund really.
my concern is if they have opened it and banned my spouse too.

if not. i will try to straighten this mistake,
"IF" there is still a big hope doing it.

what do you think?

thanks for replying here.

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Burnt like toast is an awful way to put it but......

When one screws up in their past and they send in a spousal sponsorship to Mississauga CPC all one has to do is look at the normal processing times. When there is any issue of 117 (9) (d) and there is no reply within normal processing times.

When your way over normal processing times your already being investigated for misrepresentation and withdrawing same will not stop the investigation.


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Thanks Roy for hitting me right on my face. Id rather have it said this way.

I guess we have to use our last option of power for my spouse to be here.

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Sorry 250.84.37 for being so to the point but I hate some potential clients thinking I can walk on water because I won someones case they know. Each application is unique in its own personal way.

There might be a way to fade into the shadows though.

Now Mississauga CIC has said right in a clients Foss notes that is two to three years before they even begin a Marriage of Convenience investigation that MOC are a very low priority in their office. That said the file is still put into their Investigation section of their records department and awaits being pulled.

****People do some really silly things can you top this?????

Got a loving Polish couple with an eight month old really pretty daughter. Husband has been in Canada since 2000. They get married and christen their daughter on the same day they wed (how sweet).

With the assistance of an ethnic organization they submit a spousal sponsorship and are told processing fees are not necessary and what ever you do, [DON"T PUT DOWN YOUR WORKING ILLEGALLY]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The spousal is submitted on Monday evening with Express Post, Canada Post Inland spousal to Vegreville CPC.

Wednesday night before Vegreville CPC receives the application the husbands brother In-Law arrives for a visit from Poland. CBSA calls his sister (the wife) but she does not hear her phone. So the Brother In-Law gives CBSA the out of status husband phone number and CBSA calls. The Husband (illegal) goes to Immigration at Terminal One to pick up his brother In-Law and gets an EXCLUSION ORDER!

Brother In-Law is admitted as a visitor?????????

CBSA orders the husband to show up Monday morning at 9 a.m. with an airline ticket at GTEC 6900 Airport Rd. and the ethnic organization informs them they should retain me.

The client is entitled to a PRRA and a deferral of removal based on InLand Spousal public policy. Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre (GTEC) 6900 entrance 2B didn´t even have the file!

We got sent home with only seeing a clerk, no file. Husband Daughter and Wife all very happy so far. Fees have now been paid.


Residing in Canada for eight years and never working! Getting married to a intelligent, successful, very attractive woman and never working!
Wearing a two thousand dollar suit to GTEC and you never worked!
Owning a one year old vehicle and never worked!

Today I will have to submit a new schedule one form telling the truth regarding husbands employment. Will CIC write a 44 report for misrepresentation or worse a section 16 report for NOT TELLING THE TRUTH???


250.84.37 sometimes when you get caught with your pants down it is best to just pull them back up and not explain why they where down in the first place.


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See this website below for more:

To Know More Detial , Please Visit the website below:


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Thanks Roy for sharing this. Very interesting.

I admit its my fault. My spouse didnt know about this IRPA 117. I hope my spouse can apply by its own credit to come here. Ours is not an MOC, i swear. We have been sweethearts since high school, or 15 years. We can prove that. We got married, 2 weeks before i landed. Its just all my fault about IRPA 117.

Actually my spouse back home has no idea about this IRPA 117. But is still waiting and hoping to see me, and our newborn child.

its like, damn! i screwed it all and now, not just my pants are down, but im naked. my shame.


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U R Welcome but what company is the new troll promoting?


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i will keep you posted "if" i can get my spouse here whatever other ways around.

and maybe i can share how a miracle will help you walk on the water.

i salute your service in this matter.

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Sir Ali
I did see your website and it was very very helpfull,
Thank you very much