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Subject: Submission of papers after rejection
  Dear Members,

Kindly give your inputs to the matter stated below:

I had filled my papers in Dec´03. After a long wait, I got a mail in June´08 to update my documents, I did not do that and in Jan´09, I got a letter of rejection.

I immediately replied to the CHC, Delhi that the email id mentioned was not being used by self so could not see the mail, I requested them to allow me to resubmit the documents as it was more than 44 months of my application and I was not using the mail id regularly. CHC responded to the mail on 4th March´09, asking me to submit the document within 90 days.

Though I am in process of submission of documents by Mid April, my question is will I be given a fair chance????

Also with regards to the timelines, will the case by taken up before the applications which have been submitted after Dec´03.

Thanks to give your inputs...

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It is your responsability to check the email you provided in your application and if you are using a different account, it is or it was your responsability to up date your file.

They will not give you a "fair chance". The decision is final.

You may appeal it (good luck with that) or re-apply again.



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Yes, Iagree with bill,once the decision been made,it´s final..and I don´t think that they will accept again to re-decide.
you may apply again,the trucking is faster is ur proffesion is in the list of NOC.
somepeople appyied in january 09´ and they got already their update letters.(as mentioned in other forums)
good luck,

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If they have again asked you to submit documents then I do not see why you would not be given a fair chance.
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I have a similar case too..
I got my letter for requesting update docs in Oct 08.
I submitted in 1st weeek of April 09..

What will happen...

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