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Subject: Canada PR & USA H1B
  Hello all,

I am on H1B in USA and am planning to apply for Canada PR. I learned that we need to provide a Canadian local address (a friend´s per say) for the immigration office to able to mail the PR document. I like to come back to USA after the PR stamping in my passport at the port of entry in Cadnada and get the PR card mailed to me in USA by my friend. Is this possile?

I need to stamp my USA H1B visa also in my passport and I like to get it done in Canada.

So is it possible to get these two things; H1B stapming for USA job & PR stamping after it gets approved, together at the same time?

Please sugges and thanks in advance.

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Both are possible.

Your friend can mail it to you in the US by a courier..

You can take your H-1 stamping from Ottawa (only US consulate for the US residents).

BUT, to get the H-1 stamping from Canada as a Canadian PR you need to have the PR card in hand. You can´t land and go to the US consulate for H-1B stamping. They ask you to show your PR card.

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Thanks much for the info. It was very helpful.

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You are welcome.
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