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Subject: Application for Study Permit and PR
  Hey all!

I´m an Indian, working in Finland for the past 2 years. Now, I´ve got an offer from a Canadian School of Management. Currently I´m making the documents ready for applying for Study permit in Canada. And, I would be joining the university by the first week of September 2009.

But I have a few questions on this:
1) I also have to apply for a Permanent Resident status (Skilled workers and professionals class). But, is it a pre-requirement for me to have a Student visa ready, to apply for a Permananent Residence? Or can I directly apply for a PR without a student visa and join the university? Or Should I apply for both in parallel?

2) Is it practical to get my study permit and PR within Aug 2009 and join the university in Sep?

3) I have 2 options- to apply for visa from Finland, or to go back to India and apply from there. But is there a better advantage in either of this, or it´s all the same?

Please respond with your valuable suggestions, as I need to take immediate action on this.

Thanks so much for your time!

Best regards,

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1. You can apply for PR now or later. However, with a PR application in process getting a study permit becomes a little tricky. So, best for you would be to come to Canada as a student and from here apply for PR via Buffalo.

2. PR application takes approximately 12-15 months to process at faster visa posts and about 5-7 years at slowest ones. Study permit can take as little as one day depending upon the country of citizenship and residence.

3. If you have been residing in Finland long enough, you can apply from there. However, it is always recommended to apply from a place with significant personal ties.

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