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Subject: Information sufficient?

I am about to apply under the common-law clause, and am wondering if the provided information is sufficient, since I couldn´t find any examples online that were approved.

We moved together in Canada in Feb 08 (Stamp on passport and moving company statement as prove, plus mail adressed here), our child was born in July 2008(Birth certificate stating us as parents), I am beneficiary on life insurances and retirement plans, we have pictures and emails since April 2007 plus her dad´s and a friend´s statutory declaration that relation is genuine and continuing, we have a joined bank account. Our passport shows, that we flew together into canada the last two times. My partner was married before but they seperated early ´07 and divorce papers were finalized in Nov 08 (Couple has to live seperated for at least a year). Which is why we´re not yet married.
The pictures who show my parents visiting us in Canada, as well as us together at my sisters wedding in Germany, plus some more family pictures in Germany, plus 5 trips to Banff, Jasper with friends etc. Our next common flight itineray to Germany is included, too.

Is there a risk, that the application will be refused (Police certificate no records, medical examination ok, sponsors finances should be sufficient, too), given the application is complete (All forms signed, money paid...etc.)

thank you for your opinion

(I just want to make sure that I include enough evidence, that it is a common-law relationship)

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