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I applied PR under H & C in 2004. December 2004, i received letter from local cic office, Windsor, Ontario that my file is with them and they will contact me when they start processing my application.
I received copy of FOSS notes last week, it shows the recent activity date in april 2007 and then BF date is april 2012. it also shows in remarks that file transfered to mississauga office under work-load sharing program.

Am i thinking right that they will re-open my case in 2012???
Who should i contact ie: windsor or mississauga cic office about status of my case?
online it shows only that my file was transfered to local office in dec 2004 and it is under process.

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The only thing you can do is update your submissions by showing that you have an Unusual, Undeserved or Disproportionate Hardship.

Mississauga CIC on Waitline are real slow so do not expect anything soon.


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Roy, where should i send an update; CIC Windsor or CIC Mississagua?
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Syed, you are in a bad situation. You can put forth your submission for H & C considerations but not likely to bring it forward any sooner. CPC Mississauga and Windsor ... your application needs to get out of the mailroom and queue for review by an officer ... 2012, maybe it takes that long to get out of the mailroom into the queue for review.
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Roy/Sharron, where should i send an update; CIC Windsor or CIC Mississagua?

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Roy/Sharron, where should i send an update; CIC Windsor or CIC Mississagua?

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anyone? any advice about where should i send update documents to CIC Windsor or Mississauga???
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Tengo una pregunta, aplique para H&C y tuve que salir de mexico, ya en la embajada de Mexico hice el cambio de domilio para un respuesta pero nunca me llego respuesta, ahora estoy en MEXICO Y QUIERO SABER COMO REABRIR MI APLICACION O CUAL FUE LA RESOLUCION FINAL DE MI CASO, hay manera de saber eso ALGUIEN PUEDE AYUDARME por favor

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i was deported in 2010 after staying in canada for 7 years,i applied for h&c in 2004,after they deported me they transferred my application to prra unit in toronto,they deported to my citizenship country where i got to more troubles so i escaped to syria and now syria has alot of troubles,dont know what to do ,how long i should stay ,i submitted all the evidence of what i went through to prra unit,is the arc will be approved,i dont have a criminal records,is getting my canadian girl friend who will come over to Syria will make me come back to canada ,she can not come now due to the troubles in syria , some one advise me please
hussain fares
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sorry , i meant getting my canadian girl friend to come here in syria and marry her will make me come back to canada,i have h&c in a process and been transferred to prra unit in toronto after my deportaion,they sent me to my citizenship country but i faced troubles because i was deported and i escaped to syria now and syria is got to alot of troubles,can someone advise me, r they will prove arc, i have been deported 2 years now ,after living in canada for 7 years ,i dont have a criminal records
hussain fares
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given your past issues with immigration Canada, your idea of marriage to a Canadian is not going to guarantee access to Canada. There is high risk your application will be viewed as a marriage of convenience.

You are far better off trying to find a job offer or applying as a skilled worker on your own merits.


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