US ilegal immigrant trying for BC

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Subject: US ilegal immigrant trying for BC
  Any advice would be much appreciated
We spent 12 years working illegally in the US, during this time my husband worked under his friends name, green card and SS# and i using my on name and temp SS#, we had know trouble leaving the US and have been back again for a vacation with know trouble.
I am now applying for BC PNP and have recieved a formal application my question is how does my husband go about getting for instance a police check? would he use his real or faketishest name and the same with his employment details they will all be under his friends name, i am the primary applicant for BC if that helps?
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US ilegal immigrant (in reply to: US ilegal immigrant trying for BC)
From the general info you provided, you may have a problem with admissibility. Why - I´m not 100% sure of the criminal code in the States but don´t think it´s a stretch to conclude using someone elses´ name, green card and SS are criminal acts in the States. It´s definitely a criminal act in Canada. If my guess is right, your BC PNP application may be refused because if your spouse is inadmissible, you will be inadmissible as well.
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