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Subject: The Future Economic Situation
  Just a few months ago in January and February there was plenty of doom and gloom postings regarding the economy. Where did they go?

Has anyone noticed there seems to be quality traction on the previous economic slippery slopes?

In the Toronto area people are still spending but some are spending a little more wisely then before. Home renovations are way up which was very clear on my little street this last weekend. Half of the houses were having work done this weekend which was very evident by all the building supply vehicles making deliveries.

Some will say it is because of the tax break on home renovations but more are saying they are being more frugal by not risking an expensive vacation away from home. One man said you own your home and paying the mortgage so why not make the time in your house more enjoyable.

Only one household member on our tiny street has lost their position due to the economic downturn.

Houses are selling and prices have not really dropped in our nice area. Three families are moving on up to bigger and better houses when the mortgage rates are best they have been in years, they claim now is the time to jump in again.

We still have no flowers or cherry blossoms but this spring is forever promising.


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Roy I guess the aim of this site is to help people with their questions- this is a forum site- somehow although you have given great help to people so far, it seems to me that instead of helping people here nowadays you tend to post some general issues, newpaper articles etc...although your information can still be useful, those people´s questions (I guess) should be addresses urgently... Instead of talking in general why do not you answer the questions here and help people? I guess whithin the time to write about those general topics you could have answered at least five questions...See the posts here many people are waiting or an answer, ...and you are the best guy who can give accurate information and help...have a great day....

By the way I would love to answer all the questions here and leave no questions without an answer but I guess I do not have that knowledge an experience as a potential immigrant here...

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NOBODY (not even Roy) is under ANY obligation to answer questions. May I suggest that if you wish to oblige Roy to answer his quota of questions (or me for that matter) you better be prepared to get out your wallet and allow Roy to earn a living from hanging around here. He is here on his own time and for free.

If there is no personal satisfaction in participating in the forum... then there is no point in being here - and that would mean NO questions answered at all.

There is no satisfaction in telling people for the 10,000th time how much longer they have to wait. Therefore, there are two streams of conversation on this forum. The basic immigration questions and then there is the conversations that keep us older members engaged. General economics IS relevant to many seasoned members. It helps them know where they should locate themselves, how much media hype they should believe about the recession and some real time information about job situations.

If that is not helpful... well, I guess you are not at that stage in your process where such information may be useful.

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we are hearing and seeing 2 trends. BC as a whole may be pushing 10% unemployment soon. Anything exported is still in the tank. Layoffs are still happening but there are also pockets of the economy that are hanging on. The Olympics may save us yet!

You are right about the home reno economy. My strata corporation is contemplating a $200,000 upgrade to our interior and the timing is definitely fueled by the tax credit and the agressive pricing that is out there. I am like your neighbours... I am getting ready to forego the holiday and sink some serious cash into my condo to take advantage of hungry subtrades. Not a lot of hiring happening but those who are smart about their businesses are staying afloat. Philosophy appears to be to keep everyone working -even without profit until things start to turn around.

Retail sucks unless you are selling cooking gear. Restaurants are losing the big tab business. Macdonalds coffee is the new rage... and generally, folks are being cautious.

How does this impact the prospective immigrant - there is significant competition in that entry level position and those that are currently employed are hanging on to whatever job they have for dear life. Some job sharing going on to keep people working. Don´t think we can see daylight until the larger economies out there such as the US find significant traction.

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thanx Roy for this message of optimism, i myself was wondering what was going on with the economy and where did all those messages about the economy being down and lack of jobs..etc...
i´m not in Canada yet but i will be soon (hopefully) and that´s the kind of messages i like to hear...and no worries, i´m very realistic.

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AUTOMOTIVE Capital of Canada (Windsor, ONT)

1800 city´s inside workers are on strike!

400 City´s outside workers are on strike!

300 Cab drivers are on strike!

Jerome taylor GMC shutdown his dealships!

Crysler is close to move to South!

GM is already dead in Windsor

Ford ill say goodbye in September!

Canadian unemployment capital with all time high rate of 14% !

King Eddy (City´s Mayor) and his team got 18% pay hike last week!

218,000 citizen´s of this city (thats the totel population) don´t know where to dump their garbage!

Local TV will telecast last show on August 2009!

Local firefighters are without any labour contract!

Parks are full of filth!

All city daycares are close!

City´s licencing office is close!

crime rate is high!

Mayor don´t wants to resign!


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Joe do not forget the Canadian economie is booming in food industry in MCDonald
That´s what the CTV NEWS did say 2 nights ago

one coffe one muffin 1,39$ and got the second cup coffe for free
What a sucses story for Canadian industry

(O boy I could not belive what I was listening)

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All potential immigrants must have a clear idea about Canadian economy. It is very important to hear from some local folks who are living there life loong and saw a lot.

I´m in Toronto now; it seems to me that the US based industries got the hit most, then whoever attached with those got the chain reaction effect.

What I always dream, Canada should now rethink about it´s economy and should seriously think to get out of the US pocket.

If oil price isn´t increased in the summer then it may have some negative effects. This is just my guess.

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When one considers moving to another country the economic situation is of utmost importance.

I have always said do you research and certain provinces are better off then others.


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