Can I "cheat" the system

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Subject: Can I "cheat" the system
  My question is straight forward:
I had been planning to apply as FSW since last year, after the Nov 2008 rules/38 NOC list came in place I have become double minded and stressed.
I personally feel, I do not qualify under Financial Managers due to low qualification and inadequate work experience, however If I feel if I could obtain experience letter from previous employer in a certain format that could satisfy CIC than probably I could qualify. Any input? is it possible to slightly manouver things?

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I don´t recommend you doing the cheating, somehow CIC will find it out and it will be to your disadvantage.... remember if CIC will discover that you falsify your requirement you will be banned from entering Canada for two years.
Take note if you will do it the right way you can make yourself qualify under the ministerial instructions in just one or two years. Try to figure it out..... just a piece of advice bro..... Don´t be tempted to do it the wrong way....


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......"is it possible to slightly manouver things?"

you don´t even deserve to receive a response but I have to write this.

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Yes you can cheat the system,if you think your plane can work you can try
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Nope. u can´t and u shouldn´t.
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That´s like asking ´Can you steal from the corner store´. If you are an ethical person you should already know the answer.

Should you choose to ´cheat´, when you get caught, don´t be surprised when nobody wants to help or give you empathy.

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Yes,, you can for sure..they don´t check those..

If Rice can approve the illegal tortures to the prisoner (Guatamo) why can´t this guy cheat the CIC?? Or is it cause he is not AMERICAN?? Only Amercian has the RIGHT to do the illegal things..

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You can simple dont tell anyone. Just do paper work and prove it. Provide verifiable information. If you can do this do it asap.S imple fill out form and dont submit fake documents, just submit original and verifiable documents that you work under the same NOC. No one know better than yourself. You are the best judge. You know the CIC officers dont have time to get in depth of each and every case. Only you have to remember that dont make your application suspecious. Put 2 or 3 experiences instead of one .. GO AHEAD.!!
Alfred Dick
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