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Subject: Refusal TWP in CIC Canada

I need somebody who can hepl me with my situation..I was refused by The CIC in Canada..and then instructed to go home instead and re apply again here in the Phil. I?am applying for a Temporary work there still any chance if I will be given another Visa? I actually had a violation which is not my fault it is my employers fault and voluntarily exit Canada. I?am a bread winner anf reallt wanted to go back to work again, I wonder if CIC Manila will forgive me..thanks..Godbless.I hope somebody can help me..


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Forgive you for what? What did you do? Did CIC give you a volunteer departure order, exclusion?

For the sounds of it, you chances of getting a TWP are very slim, you may qualify under the PNP or skill worker program maybe?



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If CIC Manila will forgive me on my violations, if they will have a heart, I had a letter from my employer expalining and admitting that they were at fault..and not employer still want me to go back..CIC Canada gave me the chance that if I voluntarily exit on or before my visa expired they told me there will be no problem to them if I will come back..but I need another 4 months to stay in The Phil. before applying another working permit..My question is that if CIC MAnila will be considerate to me..just in case..because I´am really innocent and it is my employers fault.Pls. help. I hope they will stil give me another chance...


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hi! what did your employer do? what was the violation? it wasnt clear.
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