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I found this today on the net and to me it seems a great conversation piece.

Today I was trying to assist a Lawyer or Member of the LSUC Law Society of Upper Canada increase his business. He wanted to contact various Immigration Consultants to assist them with any application their clients wished to file with the Federal Court!

Any Immigration Lawyer who is a member of any Provincial Bar Association can be found by checking their association web site (find a lawyer section). British Columbia Law Society, Alberta Law Society, Manitoba Law Society etc.

Now try to find an Immigration Consultant that works under a company name.

Authorized Representatives who are Immigration Consultants sometimes advertise under their company names. Some company names are ABC Immigration, One Step/Stair Immigration, CAN-DO Immigration Best Choice Immigration, Better Immigration, etc.

CSIC is a corporation which is not covered by the Privacy Act.

Would it not be beneficial to the CSIC members that potential clients on the Internet would find it easier to contact their own members without filling in a code? Why not allow the CSIC Members to release the contact information they feel comfortable with?

Are the CSIC members mature enough to decide if they want their own Telephone Number, E-mail address, Mailing Address, Web Site or lack of details displayed just like Lawyers?

CSIC is allowed to post the names of their members and their contact details as the members choose so why have CSIC chosen not to do so?

Why does CSIC not post their members detailed contact information? Why is a telephone number of a public company PRIVATE?


I did not say this but what do you guys think?

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