Roy would you please comment on my question?

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Subject: Roy would you please comment on my question?
  Thanks so much for your response. I sure didn´t mean to open a can of worms with my question.

Like you I am from Toronto, born and raised there. I am staying in the Philippines because I want to be with my spouse. We didnt realize until a few months ago that I could sponsor her as a common law spouse to Canada.

I really want to go back to Toronto with her and resume my life with family and friends and of course all of the Canadian culture.

We have tried to do all we could to intermingle our affairs, I even included in the application my attempt to buy life insurance for her in Canada but when they found out I was going to the Philippines they wrote me saying to apply when we got to Canada.

My only concern because so many people have mentioned that it is complicated because she is married to someone else.

I am led to believe the Manila office is very familiar with the fact there is no divorce in the Philippines and according to the OP2 manual as long as she has proof of separation and has been separated for over a year and long enough to be in a common law relationship she is fine??

I have posted on 4 different forums asking if anyone has ever sponsored a married filipina as a common law spouse and no response. With 90 million people in the country it is hard to believe that this does not happen quite often as many of the married women are abandoned there.

Anyway thanks again for your response, I read all of your responses as they are interesting and educational.

Hope the Jays can stay in first place for a few more weeks, nice change.


Mr. Magoo

mr magoo
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No problem Mr. Magoo.

I love that handle and wonder how many 20 somethings remember Mr. Magoo in detail LOL

I used your type of situation as an example on my site at the bottom of the page here and that is why I referred to your relationship as a conjugal relationship.

Well we have won several conjugal relationships that are arranged this way due to lack of divorce. One client was married and had a child back home and the ex-wife left and took the child.

He takes a Live in Care Giver course and gets a LMO and arrives in Canada with a work permit as a LIC. After two years of employment he meets another Filipino who came on a student visa and just stayed. She gets pregnant and to pay for the child birth makes a refugee claim three years after being out of status. We had difficulty getting him Landed because his child back home had not taken a medical.

She loses the REf Claim and comes to me and we submit a conjugal relationship the day before she is called to the PRRA. They submit thousands of photos but not once does he even smile. He claimed that his ears stick out when he smiles so he refuses to smile.

I saw your original posting and decided to let someone else answer Mr. Magoo.

Too often I answer with a question because I like the person to make their own mind up. I feel strongly that all here and elsewhere should research everything and then make an informed decision.

Common Sense has to prevail and I´m very happy that you seem to have plenty Mr. Magoo.

Welcome to Canada City.


Mr. Roy..need an advice about this. (in reply to: Roy would you please comment on my question?)
Hi Mr. Roy,
Just like to ask some advice from you since i read all your concerns to these people here and i find them very enlighten. I just wanna ask about me and my boyfriends status. My bf is a canadian. He work there as an engineer and i am from philippines under graduate of accountancy but working in a company. We met online last year october and became officially bf and gf by nov. 24. He is my first and only love and apparently it was a long distance relationships. He loves me too to the point that he wanted to be with me and get married here in my country. He´s planning to visit me this dec and in a week we´ll getting married and hopefully he can bring me home with him and stay with him forever. He is doing some paper works or applications on which will be the documents he´s gonna handle for us to be together in canada. He is happy doing this things and you can tell how he wanted to be with me to start a family but the thing is i still feel this thing that things are not gonna work out right. I think the canadian government is strict and there is no way he can bring me home with him. I mean there´s so much in here that i heard that its not that easy. A lot of papers has to be submitted and to be considered. Pls help me on how i can help my bf regarding this things. I don´t want him to get a broken heart on this. I´m gonna leave my email add for whenever you got some info...i can always get connections on you. Thanks in advance Roy. I´ll be waiting......

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I would wait to get pregnant until both of you are happily together in Canada. the process is hard enough emotionally to deal with, without the added stress of trying to work around the complexities of starting a family.

the process sounds complicated - just take your time, do everything exactly how they ask, take lots of pictures, keep receipts, and it will all be OK. if the relationship is genuine, then all will be well.

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