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Subject: 600 Bogus Marriage Files
  Morning Rant

A Mississauga Immigration Officer claims the office they work at has 600 bogus marriages files under review. Oh NO Rosemary I´m posting another article.


That same office Mississauga CIC has one of my clients file under that review or is one of those 600 files supposedly under investigation for more then three years.

I hate when shops ask me (AIR MILES) yet my client loves air miles because of all the times she has flown back and forth to be with her husband especially now they have two children and DNA to prove same. Of course I believe my client that they are in a loving relationship and the fact that she was sponsored to Canada and that marriage failed shortly after her arrival was not her fault.

Note that the officer signing the affidavit claimed Quote "We have a very limited number of immigration officers to review these 600 files and do the required investigations," Un-Quote

My client´s Ex-Husband a Canadian citizen had already sponsored another wife right after getting the divorce and got approved long ago. My client waited five years to remarry and she is being painted with a different brush.

If you have a shortage of staff you would think that the Minister of Immigration would comply with the objectives of the act IRPA 3 (1) (f) prompt processing and hire staff so there could be a proper, fair Investigation so that when my client is vindicated the prompt processing can continue.

To me it is fundamental justice to conduct an investigation in a reasonable amount of time. In this case taking too long to conduct an Investigation equates to (justice delayed is justice denied)!


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i have a friend who sponsored her family back home; the PR was just granted a week ago. but the facts are;

my friend is separated for like 7-9 years from her husband, because husband has his own kids (8yr old and 3yr old)with another woman.

she included her husband for the PR just to get her kids here too. and theres no divorce back home.

this area of immigration is really complicated...telling what is real and not. smart ass people and rich ones can make turn things around even if the marriage is bogus.

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or you have the scenario where a family member asked someone that is immigrating to take the nieces and nephews along so they have a better life. Claim they are offspring. Does not even have to be a relative for this to happen.

As much as we hate CIC and all their red tape, they are faced with every trick in the book and they must do their best to weed out the liars. Tough to take for those who are honest in their application.

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The problem is clear some real marriages get delayed to being sent for an interview due to bogus spousal applications.

Worse others get Investigated even though they have done no wrong and the Investigation never happens due to lack of staff.


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and people wonder why we get so bent out of shape when we read posts about lying to CIC.

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