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Subject: New CIC Credentials Study
  Today CIC will release a study regarding the difficulty of getting recognized if your in a Trade like Bricklayer, Electrician etc.

Now the report will show that An estimated one million jobs will need to be filled in regulated and unregulated trades in Canada by 2020; Greater Toronto alone will need 300 to 500 new carpenters in the next decade, said the study, titled Access to Trades for Newcomers in Ontario.

Barriers that internationally trained tradespeople encounter include proving qualifications and failing qualifying exams due to poor language skills, and the lack of occupation-specific language training and test-taking strategies, said the report by immigration and employment researchers Michelle Goldberg and Sarah Wayland.

Now lets focus on the real issues.

When you write your exam you can bring an interpreter with you.

Now the Council of Agencies Serving (South Asians) prepared the report for CIC. DAH..............

The Italians and now the Portuguese control the construction Industry in the GTA. The owners of the main construction companies really do not understand South Asians but things will change when contracts can not be finished on time.

Getting ones foot in the door is difficult when one company sub contracts from another and the Supervisors only speak Portuguese.

I just got a Trades Person approved from Barbados and yes Language was not an issue but it takes time and effort.

When certain groups get paid to do studies I wonder how many factors of logic are factored into their results?


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